About Yuri AI

An API-integrated Gaming Eco-protocol Based on ChatGPT

YURI AI is launched to advance the combination of the blockchain industry with the AI industry and to accelerate the building of Web3 gaming network through the development of blockchain-based games.
YURI AI is an API-integrated gaming eco-protocol that is based on ChatGPT. It allows users to, via the API, log into all ecosystems embedded in the platform with a single click. In addition to the blockchain network and the artificial intelligence technology, it also utilizes the Arbitrum network to establish a YURI AI digital chain gaming ecosystem. YURI AI not only boosts the building of Web3 gaming network and metaverse, but also pushes the combination of the blockchain industry with the AI industry, thus promoting the pan-entertainment game in the metauniverse era.
YURI AI aims to enable users to entertain themselves more efficiently through AI and Game while gaining profits in doing so. YURI AI helps to generate the most suitable avatar for every user, assists users to efficiently migrate their NFT assets between each ecosystem and enables users to interact more quickly during the game. At the same time, it gathers all users’ suggestions and feed them back to the development team, which is conducive to continuously improving the game’s quality and providing users with smart, convenient and fast services.
Last modified 4mo ago